The Narrow Road to the Deep Sniffs

The journey and exploratations of Bowie, a Husky//Jindo mix as reflecting on life in The Richmond District in the form of Dogku.

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Meet Bowie:

Our Dogku Guru

Hi! My name is Bowie and I moved to live in the Richmond District with my dad way back in 2021. We’re going to be best friends, I just know it! Don’t be scared, I just want to play and give kisses!

Dogku by the Seasons

Spring of Deceit

2nd Winter’s Rain

Summer but hella Foggy

Autumn Smoke

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Let Me Inspire You

The form of dogku brings a lighthearted and soft respite from this world. Bowie is dedicated to sharing the beauty of life and inspiring a love for being present in the now. Let us ignite your imagination and touch your soul with our carefully curated collection of dogkus and blog posts.

Early Reader Feedback

I’m sorry Bowie, I didn’t bring any treats! Why are you looking at me like that. I just don’t have any, why are you shaking your paw like that?!?

Alfredo s.

Dive into the world of dogku and let the magic of simplicity and depth captivate your soul.